Welcome in our home.

Our house dates from 1772 and is a typical long farmhouse from Touraine, a 'longére'. We have renovated it thoroughly and given it a new life.

The house preserves several elements referring to the wealth of the first occupant, the long beams in the living room, made from a single oak , and the beautiful fireplace topped with a scallop, the symbol of walkers who went to Santiago de Compostela. The 'longére' is built in white sandstone for which the castles of the Loire are so famous.

Our house was right on the border of three provinces and the dignitary who inhabited it  raised toll to people who crossed the borders .With the outbreak of the French Revolution, he was sent to prison in La Rochelle because he wasn't able to pronounce the words "liberté, égalité, fraternité" . Therefore many believe that there is a treasure still present at 'la Richardiére'. Because rich people felt that trouble was coming they decided to bury their belongings in the garden.


'La Ménagerie' is the old name for a zoo, since we visited over 100 zoos worldwide. Our house is near Beauval, in the middle of the fields-, at the edge of the forest-, birds of prey visit our garden, deers run through the fields-, pheasants fly away when you come too close,...
We have a beautiful- , natural garden with numerous native and exotic fruit and ornamental trees where you can get completely relaxed.