Welcome to Châteauvieux.

Not far from the river Cher, you'll find the picturesque village Châteauvieux.This is a place where you can relax. Glowing hills with vineyards, forests and footpaths ....

But that does not mean there is nothing to see. The 16th century Renaissance castle towering 40m above the village, at her side a listed Romanesque church with a very old cemetery.
At the foot of the castle you will find the balancier- : a pump that uses the power of the river to transport water 40 m higher-, no electricity involved.  It is a unique piece of heritage because it is one of the few that still functions. Nearby you can also see one  of the three wash-houses. Typical for our village are the houses that are half built into rocks: 'maison troglodyte'.

The garden of the town hall is transformed into a 'preservatory ', there are 52 types of vine planted to preserve them for future generations. A typical shelter house in the sandstone was also rebuilt.

Under the castle you'll find the wine museum where you can learn about wine production and you can see traditional ancient tools.

The castle
Le balancier hydraulique
office de tourisme de saint-aignan
near the castle