About wine.


In general -, we think wine is something you must enjoy. Frederik followed a few wine courses and became fascinated by the process of wine cultivation, the grape varieties-, …

Châteauvieux is a wine village. With 4 active wine-makers who produce quality wines-, it is an important economic asset. And is it a coincidence-, that there whereever there is wine , there are tourists.

We situate Châteauvieux :

Near the city of Tours-, the river Cher and the river Indre flow into the Loire. 

These rivers and their microclimates combined with the different soils make it possible for a wide variety of grapes to grow. Most soils contain a lot of lime. In châteauvieux we can find clay- , lime-, sand and flint. Those soils makes it possible for some special varieties of grapes to grow.


The wine produced in Châteauvieux is AOP-Touraine.

(Appellation d'Origine Protégée).
It means that-, for the AOP-wines , it is determined how much grapes and which variety of grape you will find in the bottle. It is also a geographical demarcation of an area where the soil composition is largely the same.


Very typical for Touraine is that they mention the variety of grape (la cépage). It means that these wines-, contain at least 50% of the grape variety.

We like to introduce  some of the wines of châteauvieux. (AOP – Touraine)


Touraine rouge côt : elegant intense- , a dark red wine with a minimum of 50% côt. (this type of grapes is called Malbec in other areas of the world).  This wine has touches of plums and blackberries in it.


The Touraine Gamay rouge contains at least 85% Gamay grape. Typical for this wine is the pronounced fruitiness, the light color with notes of cherries and raspberries.


The Touraine rosé is a special one.  All blue grapes are allowed and the winemakers should at least use two different species of them. - The rosé wines are made with pure craftsmanship in châteauvieux  .


For  'sauvignon blanc'  only the pure Sauvignon-grape is used for the production this white AOP-wine.  Wine made from this grape smells like boxwood, white fruit and flowers. When tasting the wine, the flavour of green apples, gooseberries, sometimes pineapple and lychee comes up. The wine has a freshness wich make it popular all over the world (Chile, South Africa …)  ...but the best soil and climate to make it flourish is Touraine.

'Crémant de loire'  is a traditional method (like champagne) in which many grapes are allowed: Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pineau d'Aunis, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Grolleau Noir. It exists both in white variety and in rosé-, it exists in sec, demi-sec ... But what you have to remember is that it is the party drink par excellence, that he is very delicious, with lots of fine bubbles that keep on sparkling in your glass for a long time. (not that we think your glass will stay full for a long time)

We recommend  you to visit a winery. The tourist office  has fun activities on her calendar: 'une soirée dans les vignes' 'an evening in the vineyard'.. You visit a winery, walk through the vineyards and get an explanation of the wine maker and you'll end up with tasting wine.


On the websites of the wineries in our village you can find a lots of information. (e.g. which wines they make without AOP-Touraine label.)

Near our House you can find 'Domaine Charbonnier'. Two brothers run the winery, they unite tradition with new techniques and make numerous fine wines. The  beautiful red catches the eye.

In the Centre of Châteauvieux you can find 'Domaine du grand moulin', seneau et fils. On their website you can find the statement: life is too short to drink bad wine. Who can argue with that. Outside the classic range you will also find an original 'vin blanc mademoiselles' : a late picked sauvignon (tardive) that delivers a soft sweet wine-. Visit their website for many tips.

'Domaine la chapinniére' is a special  story.  Not only is there the wine estate , there is also the riding school, and an  art Pavilion which is a very nice place to enjoy a glass of wine. My recommandition is to visit their website- , especially because they often organize special events.


You can find 'Domaine de la Doltière' only  2 kilometres  from Zooparc de Beauval . You can expect a warm welcome here. This is among other things one of the wineries that are labeled ' vignoble et Découverte '.



Actually we are so excited about our region and its wine that we also like to let you taste the cour-cheverny, with the extraordinary story of the specially planted romorantin-grape for King François premier-, or the tasty bio-wine that is home- made or a little further away ....