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Frank says: Cooking is a life-long passion for me.  My earliest memories have to do with food :-As a child  I stood on a chair next to the stove with my mother in the kitchen to see how she made strawberry jam, -the delicious smell and taste of jam which was just cool enough to eat it.


A few years ago I made the cooking school set in traditional French cuisine. I also love the pure Italian cuisine, the refined Thai cuisine, the thousand colors and flavors of Indian cuisine.


I lived half my life in Antwerp, a melting pot of diversity, cultures and eating habits. I had ample opportunity to sample the world. Already these influences have a place in my creative and fresh-world cuisine.

I would like to introduce you to with the beautiful products that provide this region :- AOC goat cheese Selles-sur-Cher, wine, asparagus, strawberries, honey, mushrooms, ...                                             

 In short, a taste for every season, fragrance and charm. Also traditional recipes from the national cuisine of the Berry and the Sologne, an unexpected vegetables from the garden …

Table D'hôtes
25 euros per person.
Starter - main course - cheese - dessert - a drink

Table d'hôtes means that you eat along with the hosts, at a large table. We do not eat meat every day.Let  us know if you're very attached to your piece of meat, do you have allergies, if you don’t likes mushrooms, if you're vegan or raw foodie ...


Frederik tells about wine.

Framboises issues de notre jardin.

Framboises issues de notre jardin.

Bol de gaspacho estival.

Bol de gaspacho estival.

baguette magique : la canelle

baguette magique : la canelle

Tiramisu au fromage, fait maison.

Tiramisu au fromage, fait maison.

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*L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération

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